International Safety and Health Construction Coordinators Organization (ISHCCO) is the partner for safety and health coordinators in Europe.


Wherever buildings are being built or sanitized, the dangers and risks involved are the same on all building sites.


Throughout Europe prevention and coordination of safety measures have been regulated by EU directives and most EU countries have transposed these directives into their national legislation, regulations and guidelines. A substantial part of these legal texts deal with the coordination of safety and health measures in construction work.

ISHCCO know-how, its global training standard and information material on the practical application of the legal texts is of great assistance to the national associations of planning, safety and health coordinators.

This will be conducive to cross border activities and consultations between European coordinators and will create the necessary legal protection in the planning, construction, maintenance and deconstruction of buildings and sites.

Ever since the introduction of EU directive 92/57, ISHCCO has been constantly aligning its work to the latest standard, in particular with regards to jurisdiction and experience gathered in other member countries.

The Construction Managers and builders ensure that the highest level of quality is being guaranteed and delivered at all times.

ISHCCO has taken its members wishes and suggestions to heart as evidenced by the efforts made towards harmonization of the training and the conception of means to facilitate safety and health protection on building sites.

ISHCCO members are warrants for the respect and continuous improvement of safety culture at the workplace.